Even if you have got on ambitions to surpass sherlock holmes, learning to pay attention to small details is no trifling matter This skill can prove helpful in a variety of everyday situations.

Being to able to notice something that not many people would pay close attention to broadens your mind, and overall improves your instincts and intuition

Today, FEL-GOOD presents you with a quiz that will help evaluate your abilities to pay attention to the smallest things

And there’s a bonus at the end for the most attentive among you. Also, you can find more psychology trick 



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#11 Which line is longer?

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#12 How many holes does this t-shirt half what mine the one on the screen never mind

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#13 Can you manage this one in five seconds?

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# 14 Other pictures you have to analyse are these two pictures of many beautiful and shiny small balls.

Do you think you will be able to find difference in few seconds ?

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# 15 In this picture you can see fifteen pencils all different colours and shades these pictures look the same but it’s not so simple

There’s one difference between these two images. Your task is to find it.

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# 16 Look at these two photos of a beautiful landscape. One of the miss slightly different, as you already guessed

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# 17 Take a very close look at these two photographs what the mistake they in common

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#18 Again, here we have two picture of small fox.

There is just one difference bettween these pictures, and you have to find it in 30 seconds .

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#19 Here are another two pictures you have to find a difference in. Prepare yourself, because it’s not as simple as it may seem

Are you ready to test your abilities one again? Let’s start

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#20 Do you see similar trees?

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#21 Do you see the snake?

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#22 Can you find the deer?

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#23 Can you find the right watering can?

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#24 Can you find the different cat?

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#25 How many legs do you see?

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Bonus: Can you find a car in 10 seconds?

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A1- Your surname.

A2- The match.

A3- 20 dollars.

A4- A person: on 4 legs in infancy, on 2 as an adult, and with a stick when old.

A5- Under a wet one.

A6- The more polite one.

A7- The hot air balloon being carried by the air current is moving in exactly the same way as the surrounding air. Therefore, the flags won’t flutter in any direction, just like when the weather is calm.

A8- You should light the first cord simultaneously from both ends. This way you’ll get 30 minutes. At the same time, light the second cord from one end. When the first cord has burned out (30 minutes), light the second one from the other end too (remaining 15 minutes).

A9- 14 (cock-a-doodle-doo!).

A10- There is no answer per se, but you can learn a lot about the key priorities in the life of the person giving the answer.

A11- Of course, line A is longer, it’s so obvious right well not for everybody or rather not always there was a research on conformity that looked like this. Five peoples were asked which of two lines was longer the answer was always simple but four of the tested people were asked to lie so technically there was only one real subject the people lied very convincingly so the subject didn’t stand out and gave the wrong answer the same phenomenon can be illustrated with a joke if you are in a group people and somebody tells a joke that everybody finds funny you will laugh too even if you don’t get it or don’t think it’s funny well maybe not you but approximately 75% people do, And there’s a bonus at the end for the most attentive among you.


A12- The question doesn’t specify which holes exactly so the right answer is 8 they are the neckline two sleeves the bottom of the t-shirt and four holes in the middle two in the front and two in the back because we can see the background through them.

A13-  The mistake is not the numbers or their colors the mistake is that the word SPOT appears twice your brain doesn’t always show you the reality it often shows what it is used to there are many short texts  on the internet that have repeating words that most people don’t notice until  they finish the text and read the description.

train your brain

A14- This little ball, the one that’s a bit right on the centre, has a different color stripe. As you can see in the first picture

The stripe is blue, but on the second, it’s light green

A15- The sixth light blue pencil is actually shorter, than the one on the first picture.

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A16- In the second picture, this building right here, the one on the right with the black roof, is light blue while in the first picture, it’s beige, just like all the other houses on the right and left sides of the picture.

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A17- If you still can’t figure out let’s turn the photos upside down it looks horrible right the eyes and lips of both women are upside down but your brain doesn’t recognize that immediately the thing is the brain is not used to seeing eyes and lips in that position.

the bright side.



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