2020 Best Online Psychology Degrees

The best degree in psychology will vary depending on your passions, career goals, and location. However, the best online degrees will take all of these factors into consideration – and they’ll help to turn you into a more well-rounded scholar and practitioner, too. 

Ready to get started? We’ve rounded up the 20 best online masters in psychology. When we make our list, we consider the schools that offer the most talented and credentialed faculty, the best support services, and the most attentive approach to student success.

” Let’s get started! The best program in psychology is out there waiting for you – it’s up to you to find it, but we’re here to help.”



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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles is a not-for-profit institution with just over 4200 students. In addition to the Los Angeles campus, this school also has campuses in Chicago, Washington D.C., and more. The school offers more than 20 psychology degree programs for students to choose from. The online Master of Arts in Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis concentration at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology is an advanced program that offers a unique approach to behavior analytics procedures.

Program Features

This degree is ideal for people who wish to focus specifically on applied behavior analysis, as well as those want to pursue advanced study or even certification in this area. It requires 21 credit hours of foundational psychology, nine hours within the concentration, and six in an applied research project in Applied Behavior Analysis. Students are guided by expert practitioner faculty as they learn more about ABA interventions and approaches. Students will take core classes such as:

  • Concepts and Principles in Behavior Analysis
  • Observation and Measurement
  • Professional Ethics and Issues


Interestingly, this degree can be pursued with the Master of Arts or as a separate Graduate Certificate program. This certificate allows students to sit for the examination to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Although this degree does not include any internships or traditional thesis options, students are required to complete an Applied Research Project over the entire duration of their studies. This project reflects how well each student has grasped the learning outcomes of the program and allows it to apply the learning to a workplace situation. Students who apply to and enroll in this program may be eligible for financial aid, with each student granted an individual financial aid advisor to help make the transition clearer and less stressful.



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