200 gr cream cheese

50 gr sugar

1 white egg.

100 gr natural yogurt

20 gr butter

40 gr white chocolate

100 ml fresh cream.

8 ml lemon juice.

100 ml whipping cream

red cherries


1. Mix in a bowl 200gr of cream cheese with 50 gr of sugar until mix thoroughly.

2. Then add one white egg to the mixture mix up all the ingredients till you have a uniform and soft pasta, then add 100 gr to the same mix and mix up again

3. In another bowl add 20 gr of butter and 40 gr of white chocolate

4. Then boiling 100ml of fresh cream with 8 ml of lemon juice

5. When the fresh cream still boiling At 60 degrees add 40 gr of white chocolate and add the 20 gr of butter and mixture very well till  you got a soft mixture and all the chocolate is melting

6. Then put all the mixture in a cake tin and Cook in the oven for 40-50 minutes at 140 degrees use whipped cream from decorating and sow cherries on the top


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